Stand Alone Commercial Non-Condensing High Efficiency Tankless Water Heater

6-year Limited Warranty on Heat Exchanger/5-Year Limited Parts Warranty*


The CT-910 is Designed specifically for heavy-duty commercial applications. Fully modulating, gas-fired, tankless, water heaters with sealed combustion (optional) and power vented flue. Can be installed either indoors or outdoors. Capable of supplying hot water for domestic hot water systems (directly or indirectly) and can be used with water storage tanks, recirculation systems, and/or combined domestic & heating applications. Multiple units can be combined in a system of water heaters to provide for larger applications such as hotels, large restaurants and apartment complexes.



 - Primary Heat Exchanger is constructed of Commercial-Grade Copper that is more resilient to erosion and is 25x better at heat transfer than stainless steel thus stabilizing outgoing water temperatures quicker.
- Secondary Heat Exchanger is made of Type 316L Stainless Steel to protect against corrosion



 - 380,000 Btu Input
- 80% thermal efficiency, .93 UEF (Indoor). .95 UEF (Outdoor)
- Indoor and Outdoor models
- Natural Gas and Liquid Propane models



 - 194° Thermostat
- 14.5 GPM Maximum Continuous Flow Rate
- Low NOx Emissions



 - Power Vent Design (Indoor)
- 5” Categry III Stainless Steel
- 50' Max length



 - Easy-Link up to 4 units 
 - Multi-Link up to 20 units 

Model TYPE Max BTU Input Max GPM Thermal Efficiency HEIGHT WIDTH DEPTH        SHIPPING
Indoor/Outdoor Models 
CT-910-N  Natural 380,000 14.5 80% 25-1/4"          24-7/8"         12-3/4" 113
CT-910-P Propane 380,000 14.5 82% 25-1/4"          24-7/8"         12-3/4" 113

*For complete warranty information consult the written warranty of American Water Heaters found at, or call (800) 456-9805