A Better Way to Heat Water 

Product Details 

NAECAIII Compliant Water Heaters

Residential Electric Direct Solar Booster Water Heater
120 Gallon Residential High Efficiency
6-Year Parts    6-Year Tank
American 80 and 120-gallon direct solar booster water heaters are designed for installation as part of direct (open loop) solar water heating systems or for use with external heat exchangers in closed loop systems. They provide storage for the hot water produced by the solar panels and a supplementary electric heating element that maintains consistent water temperature during periods when solar energy is not available. Count on American for innovative products that provide hot water solutions for residential renewable-energy applications.

  • Glasslined Steel Tank Construction
  • Aluminum Anode Rod
  • Diffuser Dip Tube
  • Factory-installed
  • CSA Certified and ASME rated T&P
  • Relief Valve
  • Durable Tamper-Resistant Brass Drain Valve

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