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60 Gallon HCG Series
60 Gallon Commercial Gas
1-Year Parts    3-Year Tank
The HCG Series High Efficiency Commercial Gas Water Heaters are designed for outstanding reliability and excellent thermal efficiency. The HCG 60-gallon model provides 138 gallons per hour at 100 degree rise with 120,000 BTUH input, at up to 96% efficiency.

  • Fully submerged, spiral-shaped condensing heat exchanger to maximize heat transfer, provide high efficiency, and avoid sediment buildup on the heat exchanger surface
  • Top mounted controls (gas valve, combustion air blower) for easy access during installation and service
  • Advanced microprocessor controls ignition and thermostat, with adjustment of water temperature from 100°F to 180°F
  • User-friendly LCD display shows all operating settings and failure modes in plain English for ease of use
  • Powered anodes; two titanium powered anodes provide superior tank protection in varying water conditions
  • Flexible venting options; standard power vent or power direct vent flexibility, in vertical or sidewall configurations, using PVC, ABS, or CPVC pipe in runs of up to 120 feet depending upon vent pipe size
  • Commercial grade glass-lined tank and heat exchanger provide long-term protection against corrosion; heat exchanger is glassed internally and externally to protect against corrosive flue gases and condensate
  • Factory installed temperature & pressure relief valve
  • Maximum hydrostatic working pressure of 160 PSI
  • ASME tank construction
  • Small footprint, space-saving design, with zero clearance to combustibles, enabling approval for installation on combustible flooring
  • Handhole cleanout for easy inspection and cleaning
  • Meets ASHRAE/IES 90.1 requirements
  • Meets SCAQMD low-NOx Rule 1146.2
  • Design-certified by CSA International, according to ANSZ21.10 storage-type water heater standards
  • Design-certified by Underwriters Laboratories Sanitation to NSF Standard 5 for 180ºF (62ºC) water

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