Heavy Duty Commercial Gas BCG3 Series


Available in 65 to 100 Gallon Capacity

3-Year Limited Tank/ 1-Year Limited Parts Warranty*

All Heavy-Duty Commercial Gas units have a glass coated internally-lined tank fired at 1600°F. This provides a tough interior surface for storage tanks and maximum protection against the wearing effects of high-volume and high-temperature water.


  • •  Self-Cleaning High Pressure Water Jets - Significantly reduces sediment buildup inside the tank. Help's maintain rated thermal efficiency, reduces water heating costs. Helps maximize tank life.

  • •  Automatic Flue Damper (120-390 Models) - Automatic motorized flue damper helps minimize standby heat loss. Low-profile draft helps for installation in tight spaces. 85T500 Models feature an included draft design and no damper.

  • •  Three Water Connection Options - Hot and cold water connections can be made through front, top or rear of unit. High Pressure Water Jets operate when cold water is connected through front inlet connection.

  • •  Intermittent Electronic Ignition - Eliminates standing pilot, saves energy. Includes power ON/OFF switch. Provides flame failure response in less than one second.

  • •  Glasslined Tank with Multiple Anode Rods - Provides outstanding protection against corrosion.

  • •  CSA Certified and ASME Rated T&P Relief Valve

  • •  Maximum Hydrostatic Working Pressure 160 psi

  • • 80% Thermal Efficiency


Model                               CAPACITY              TYPE OF GAS                                BTU INPUT       THERMAL
BCG3-70T120-5N  71 NATURAL/PROPANE          120,000         80%
BCG3-80T150-6N  81 NATURAL/PROPANE 154,000 80%
BCG3-80T180-6N  81 NATURAL/PROPANE 180,000 80%
BCG3-80T199-6N  81 NATURAL/PROPANE 199,000 80%
BCG3-100T200-6N   100 NATURAL/PROPANE 199,000 80%
BCG3-100T250-8N  100 NATURAL/PROPANE 250,000 80%
BCG3-65T250-8N 65 NATURAL/PROPANE 251,000 80%
BCG3-100T275-8N  100 NATURAL/PROPANE 275,000 80%
BCG3-65T300-8N  65 NATURAL/PROPANE 305,000 80%
BCG3-85T360-8N  85 NATURAL/PROPANE 365,000 80%
BCG3-100T390-8N  100 NATURAL/PROPANE 390,000 80%
BCG3-85T500-8N  85 NATURAL/PROPANE 500,000 80%

  • Compliance - Meets the thermal efficiency and standby loss requirements of the U.S. Department of Energy and current edition of ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1. Design-certified by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), according to ANSI Z21.10.3-CSA 4.3 standards governing storage-type water heaters. Design-certified by Underwriters Laboratories Sanitation to NSF Standard 5 for 180°F (62°C) water. Optional ASME tank construction available.

For complete information on limited warranties, consult written warranty or contact the American Warranty
and Service Support team at 1-800-456-9805.