Low NOx Heavy Duty Commercial Gas BCG3 Series


Available in 80 to 100 Gallon Capacity

3-Year Limited Tank/ 1-Year Limited Parts Warranty*

All Heavy-Duty Commercial Gas units have a glass coated internally-lined tank fired at 1600°F. This provides a tough interior surface for storage tanks and maximum protection against the wearing effects of high-volume and high-temperature water.


  • •  Multiple Water Connections - Top, front, and back.

  • • Thermostat Control - Adjustable to temperatures up to 180°F. A recycling energy cut-off (ECO) control shuts off gas in the event of an overheating condition.

  • •  Electronic Thermister Sensor - Provides consistent water temperature control.

  • •  Electronic Intermittent Ignition - Eliminates standing pilot light for maximum energy efficiency.

  • •  Non-CFC Foam Insulation - Saves fuel by retarding heat loss.

  • •  Multiple Anode Rods - Provide cathodic protection for longer tank life through even distribution, for protection against corrosion of tank interior.

  • •  Cleanout Opening adequately sized for easy cleaning.

  • •  Design Certified By the Underwriter’s Laboratory in accordance with the latest addition of ANSI Z21.10.3 or CSA 4.3 for up to 180°F as an automatic storage heater. All models are certified at a maximum 160 PSI working pressure.

  • •  ASHRAE Standard 90.1b (Current Standard): Thermal efficiency and standby requirements are met or exceeded.

  • •  California (CEC) and New York energy requirements met or exceeded.

  • •  Low NOx complies with Texas and California SCAQMD 1146.2.

  • •  Available in ASME model.


  • •  Equipped with gas pressure regulator and pilot filter

  • •  Integral automatic gas shutoff system prevents excessive water temperature

  • •  CSA certified and ASME rated T&P relief valve

  • •  Maximum working pressure is 160 psi standard

  • •  Cathodic protection

  • •  Adjustable thermostat with a 120-180°F range.


Model                               CAPACITY              TYPE OF GAS                                BTU INPUT       THERMAL
BCG3-70T120-5NOX+  71 NATURAL/PROPANE          120,000         80%
BCG3-80T150-6NOX  81 NATURAL/PROPANE 154,000 80%
BCG3-100T180-6NOX  100 NATURAL/PROPANE 180,000 80%
BCG3-95T199-6NOX*  93 NATURAL/PROPANE 199,000 80%
BCG3-100T199-6NOX 100 NATURAL/PROPANE 199,000 80%
BCG3-100T200-6NOX  100 NATURAL/PROPANE 199,000 80%
BCG3-100T250-6NOX  100 NATURAL/PROPANE 250,000 80%
BCG3-100T275-6NOX  100 NATURAL/PROPANE 275,000 80%
BCG3-85T310-6NOX  85 NATURAL/PROPANE 310,000 80%
BCG3-85T366-6NOX  85 NATURAL/PROPANE 366,000 80%
BCG3-85T390-6NOX  85 NATURAL/PROPANE 390,000 80%

  • Compliance - All models meet or exceed the thermal efficiency and standby loss requirements of the U. S. Department of Energy and current edition ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1, C.E.C. California Energy Commission and comply with Texas requirements for Low NOx emissions.

For complete information on limited warranties, consult written warranty or contact the American Warranty
and Service Support team at 1-800-456-9805.