UG61-50T40-3NV - 50 Gallon 40,000 BTU Ultra-Low Nox Natural Gas Water Heater - 6 Year Warranty

UG61-50T40-3NV - 50 Gallon 40,000 BTU Ultra-Low Nox Natural Gas Water Heater - 6 Year Warranty Where to Buy

The American burner system produces less NOx than previous burners. This “Environmentally-Friendly” burner system complies with SCAQMD Rule 1121 and other Air Quality Management Districts with Similar requirements for less than 10ng/j and ultra-low NOx emissions. The enhanced BFG design incorporates the latest technological advancements in gas water heating. With tighter temperature control and advanced diagnostics, you can truly rely on American for the Flame Guard® Safety System that is better than ever.

  • 6-year limited Tank warranty, 6-year parts warranty for Residential applications
  • .58 Energy Factor
  • 40,000 Natural Gas BTU Input per hour
  • Intelligent Control Logic - The internal microprocessor provides enhanced operating parameters and tighter differentials for precise sensing and fasting heating response to optimize performance.
  • Self Powered Electronic Gas Valve - - Uses a Thermopile to generate the power needed to operate the electronics
  • Diagnostics - The electronic gas control incorporates an LED status indicator that monitors system operation and service diagnostics.
  • FVIR Compliant - The Flame Guard® Safety System reduces the risk of accidental fires involving flammable vapors from products such as gasoline, paint thinner and solvents.
  • Durable Burner Construction - Components of the burner system are made of a strong inconel alloy and stainless steel that is designed to withstand very high temperature applications. All burner components have undergone rigorous reliability testing to ensure long life.
  • Combination Thermostat/ECO - With factory-preset pressure regulator and built-in millivolt powered energy cutoff for overheat protection.
  • LimeFighter® Dip Tube - Technology uses special water jets to direct incoming cold water into the tank creating turbulence, which helps prevent sediment buildup.
  • CSA Certified and ASME Rated T&P Relief Valve - Conveniently located on the side of the tank to facilitate piping to a drain or external to the building
  • 1/2” Gas Connection
  • Anode Rod - Top-mounted, heavy-duty anode for added tank protection extending the life of the tank.
  • Code Approvals - Design Certified by CSA International according to ANSI Z21.10.1- CSA 4.1 standards governing storage-type water heaters
  • Drain Valve - Durable, tamper-resistant brass drain valve
  • Piezo Electric Ignitor - Makes lighting pilot fast and easy

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