A Better Way to Heat Water 

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NAECAIII Compliant Water Heaters

American Residential Gas Ultra Low NOx (2" Insulation)
40 Gallon Residential Gas
6-Year Parts    6-Year Tank
The all new American burner system produces less NOx emissions than previous burners. This environmentally friendly burner system meets the new requirements of the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).

  • Built Using Proven FVIR Technology: Unit contains a flame arrestor to ensure that in the event of a flammable vapor event that vapors are safely combusted inside the sealed combustion chamber.
  • New Tougher Burner Construction: Components of the new burner system are made of a strong inconel alloy and stainless steel that is designed to withstand very high temperature applications. All burner components have undergone rigorous relability testing to ensure long life.
  • Combination Thermostat/ECO: With factory-preset pressure regulator and built-in millivolt-powered energy cutoff for overheat protection.
  • Diffuser Dip Tube: Carries cold inlet water deep into the tank to minimize temperature dilution of hot water.
  • Code Approvals: CSA International (formerly AGA) ANSI Z21.10.1a-2002/CSA 4.1a-2002

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