A Better Way to Heat Water 

Residential High Efficiency

Energy Star® With most homeowners looking to save money on their utility bills, and with environmentally conscious solutions at the top of everyone's mind, bringing an efficient water heater into a home makes more sense than ever. Designed to elevate the awareness of earth-friendly products, the ENERGY STAR® program can help you do just that.
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Instruction Manuals
Residential .67 EF High Efficiency Gas Water Heater Models

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act
American Water Heaters Verification of Compliance

Hybrid Electric Heat Pump
HPWH Inlet/Outlet Duct Instructions

Heat Pump Water Heater Certification
HPWH Certification

NAECAIII Compliant Water Heaters

Product FamilyGal.Tank Wty.Parts Wty. 
High Efficiency Gas .67EF4066Details
High Efficiency Gas .67EF5066Details
High Efficiency Gas .70EF4066Details
High Efficiency Gas .70EF5066Details
High Efficiency Power Direct Vent5066Details
High Efficiency Power Direct Vent7566Details
High Efficiency Power Vent5066Details
Hybrid Electric Heat Pump661010Details
Hybrid Electric Heat Pump801010Details
Hybrid Electric Heat Pump801010Details
Hybrid Electric Heat Pump8066Details
Hybrid Electric Heat Pump501010Details
Solar Direct Booster Tank8066Details
Solar Direct Booster Tank12066Details
Solar Direct Booster Tank6566Details
Solar Indirect Booster Tank8066Details
Solar Indirect Booster Tank12066Details
Solar Packaged Systems806 Details
Solar Packaged Systems1206 Details
Solar Pump Stations  2Details
Solar Thermal Collectors  10Details