A Better Way to Heat Water 

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NAECAIII Compliant Water Heaters

Residential Electric Indirect Solar Booster Water Heater
80 Gallon Residential High Efficiency
6-Year Parts    6-Year Tank
American 80 and 120-gallon indirect solar booster water heaters are specially designed for installation as part of a closed loop solar water heating system. They provide an energy-efficient supplementary source of water heating power and hot water storage to help maintain consistent water temperature during periods when the solar components cannot keep up with system demands.

  • Internal Heat Exchanger
  • Long-Lasting Low-Watt Density Copper Heating Element
  • 2 Inch-Thick Environmentally Friendly Non-CFC Foam Insulation For High Energy-Efficiency
  • Glass Tank Coating
  • Diffuser Dip Tube
  • Two Anode Rods

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