Polaris® High Efficiency Commercial
Gas Water Heater


The Polaris® has a high grade 444 stainless steel tank with brass connections for years of dependable, trouble-free service - no anode required. A submerged combustion chamber with spiral flue provides up to 96% thermal efficiency and ultra-low standby heat loss of approximately 1%.



 •  95+% Thermal Efficiency.
 •  Stainless Steel Tank and Combustion Chamber/Flue.
 •  Sealed Combustion.
 •  Vents (Intake and Exhaust) with 2" (models having less than 175,000 Btu Input) 3" PVC ABS or CPVC Schedule 40 Plastic Pipe.
 •  2" Non-CFC Polyurethane Foam to prevent heat loss and reduce energy costs.
 •  Factory-installed Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve.
 •  LED Operational and Diagnostic Lights.
 •  Negative-Pressure Gas Valve.
 •  Electronic Hot Surface Ignition.
 •  24-Volt Thermostat Control.
 •  Tested and listed with CSA International in accordance with the latest addition of ANSI Z21.10.3 CSA 4.3.
 •  ASHRAE Standard 90.1-1999 - thermal efficiency requirements are met or exceeded. Zero clearance to combustibles.

   Polaris® High Efficiency Commercial Gas Water Heater


Polaris® High Efficiency Commercial Gas Water Heater cutaway

Model                               CAPACITY              TYPE OF GAS                                BTU INPUT       THERMAL
PGC3 34-130-2NV  34 NATURAL/PROPANE          130,000         96%
PGC3 34-150-2NV  34 NATURAL/PROPANE 150,000 94%
PGC3 50-130-2NV  50 NATURAL/PROPANE 130,000 95%
PGC3 50-150-2NV  50 NATURAL/PROPANE 150,000 95%
PGC3 50-175-3NV  50 NATURAL/PROPANE 175,000 96%
PGC3 50-199-3NV  50 NATURAL/PROPANE 199,000 96%

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