Heavy-Duty Surface Thermostat Commercial Electric


Heavy Duty Surface Mount Thermostat Commercial Electric - Designed for use as a recovery heater having its own storage tank. Note: Not recommended for sanitizing water applications.



• Meets the standby loss requirements of the U.S. Department of Energy and current edition of AHRAE/IESNA 90.1.

INCOLOY ELEMENTS - Heavy-duty medium watt density elements have incoloy sheathing: provide excellent protection against oxidation and scaling.

GLASSLINED TANK - Three sizes: 50, 80 and 119 gallon capacity. Tank interior is coated with glass specially developed by American Water Heaaters for water heater use. Tanks rated at 150 psi (1034 kPa) working pressure.

FUSING - Protects all elements, thermostats, and internal wiring circuits against excess current flow. Meets National Electrical Code requirements that non-ASME tanks must have internal fusing when current draw exceeds 48 amps. Available as an option on Canadian built heaters.

STANDARD VOLTAGES - 208, 240 and 480V single-phase and three-phase delta. Convertible from three-phase to single-phase (in field) and vice versa. 277V single-phase also available.

TERMINAL BLOCK - Factory installed. Just bring the electrical service to the heater and connect to block.

CONTROLS - One temperature control (adjustable through a range of 120° to 181°F) and manual reset high temperature cut-off per element. Thermostat step control may be achieved by varying settings on individual temperature controls. Located behind hinged control compartment door for quick, easy access.

3-YEAR LIMITED TANK / 1-YEAR LIMITED PARTS WARRANTY - Heavy duty; UL rated 100,000 cycles.

For complete warranty information, consult written warranty or go to americanwaterheater.com



 • Surface mounted thermostats

 • Simplified circuitry, color coded for ease of service

 • Two anode rods for maximum corrosion protection

 • Cabinet has bonderized undercoat with baked enamel finish

 • Bottom inlet and top outlet openings

 • Brass drain valve

 • CSA Certified and ASME rated T&P relief valve

 • Single panel control box

 • Foam insulation reduces costly heat loss.



• UL and cUL listed conversion kits to adjust voltage and kW requirements in the field before and after installation

 • ASME 150 psi tank construction

 • International voltages – 220, 380, 400, 415, 575, and 600 volts, three phase available with Y connected elements

 • MANIFOLD KITS – for multiple tank installations. Two heaters -part # 9003429205, three heaters- part # 9003430205 and four heaterspart # 9003431205

                              Model Numbers
                       Tank Capacity in Gallons
       Number of 
50 80 119
6 STCE31-50-060 STCE31-80-060 STCE31-119-060 3 2,000
9 STCE31-50-090 STCE31-80-090 STCE31-119-090 3 3,000
12 STCE31-50-120 STCE31-80-120 STCE31-119-120 3 4,000
13.5 STCE31-50-135 STCE31-80-135 STCE31-119-135 3 4,500
15 STCE31-50-150 STCE31-80-150 STCE31-119-150 3 5,000
18 STCE31-50-180 STCE31-80-180 STCE31-119-180 3* 6,000
24 STCE31-50-240 STCE31-80-240 STCE31-119-240 6 4,000
27 STCE31-50-270 STCE31-80-270 STCE31-119-270 6 4,500
30 STCE31-50-300 STCE31-80-300 STCE31-119-300 6 5,000
36 STCE31-50-360 STCE31-80-360 STCE31-119-360 6 6,000
40.5 N/A STCE31-80-405 STCE31-119-405 9 4,500
45 N/A STCE31-80-450 STCE31-119-450 9 5,000
54 N/A STCE31-80-540 STCE31-119-540 9 6,000

For complete information on limited warranties, consult written warranty or contact the American Warranty
and Service Support team at 1-800-456-9805.