A Better Way to Heat Water 

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NAECAIII Compliant Water Heaters

American POWERFLEX® Power Vent Residential Gas
40 Gallon Residential Gas
6-Year Parts    6-Year Tank
Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant. Ideal for homeowners desiring thru-the-wall power venting. Eliminates the need to cut holes in the roof by powered venting of gases to exterior walls up to 125 feet away for 42K BTU Models.

  • Power Venting Made Simple.
  • Thru-The-Wall Power Venting With 2" or 3" PVC Pipe.
  • 2" Non-CFC Polyurethane Foam to prevent heat loss and reduce energy costs.
  • Factory-installed Side Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve.
  • Electrical - Requires 120 VAC, less than 5 amp draw.
  • Fused Ceramic Shield Tank for anti-corrosion protection.
  • Aluminized Steel Multi-Port Burner on long life in natural gas units. Cast iron burners for propane 42K BTU models.
  • Anode Rod.
  • Combination Thermostat/Energy Cut-Off.
  • Non-Metallic, Corrosion-Free Drain Valve.
  • Tested and listed with CSA International in accordance with the latest addition of ANSI Z21.10.1 or .3 CSA 4.1 or 4.3, CEC and NAECA requirements. All models are certified at 300 PSI test pressure and 150 PSI working pressure.

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